Mauled before breakfast


I am getting some nice long runs in over the Christmas break as I am training for the London Marathon now. But, because the days are packed full of visiting relatives and friends, I set the alarm clock for "early o'clock" and headed out across the fields woods.

I ran from Hambledon along the wayfarers walk to Droxford where, beside the River Meon I was ravaged by a little Jack Russell. The little blighter jumped up and nipped me just below the knee. I leaped in the air, and then dived over a fence. I heard nothing approaching an apology from the dogs associated humans!

It just goes to show that a morning run in Hampshire is not without its hazards. Other fates that might have befallen me include; being trampled by Bill Smith's race horses on Cam's Hill, being electrocuted by electric fences, slipping on frosty paths, gored by a bull, or shot by people out shooting pheasants. I reckon I got off lightly.

Right, I'm off for a tetanus jab.

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