2009 Begins with Fireworks, Groove Armarda and a Loony Dook


The Hogmanay street party last night was great and it was definitely worth paying to go see the bands. Groove Armada do a fantastic live show, with I see you baby, At the river (the trombone player was superb), My friend and Superstyling my favorites. The fireworks were really loud, close and impressive above us from the castle. We polished off a plastic bottle filled with vodka and coke and walked half way home till the bus picked us up.

Got in the water with Magda down at South Queensferry this morning for one of the more bizarre Scottish traditions. The Loony Dook is where a bunch of nutters go for a dip in the sea on new year's day. We decided to dress up smartly but not everyone did. There were girls in pants and bra, and a man in a wedding dress. Honestly, it was inconceivably cold. Could only manage going up to the top of my thigh, no further. More photos on mau.lemon.pl.

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