Grade II


Jamie attempting decidedly not grade I conditions on South Castle Gully

I'm halfway through reading Andy Kirkpatrick's book. Its pacey, gripping and very readable but not full of as much humour as his talks (yet) and the photos in the middle are not quite up to the quality of the ones on his website. Also, recently on his blog I read this, bearing in mind I have pretty much stuck to grade II winter routes since climbing in scotland (or read the whole article):

"The most exposed period for a winter or alpine climber is on the easy routes, PD’s, grade 2 gullies, moderate low angle cascades. Try to get through this period of climbing as quickly as possible, or better still get your skills up to scratch on rock, then transfer them over to easy hard routes, namely routes with belays, runners and avoid other numpty climbers who increase your chances of an incident dramatically.
Sticking to the buttress has served Mick Fowler well. It will serve other climbers well."

On a different tack, I found this funny and this worrying.

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