LAMM to the Slaughter


We were dropped off by the coach at the Cluanie Inn and I thought I would soon be running up the steep slope I had descended with Alastair a couple of weeks ago. No sooner had we got out of the coach than a marshal herded us into a minibus and we were off again to the real start.

Alex and I competed in the Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon this weekend. Mystery shrouded the location until last Thursday night. Even then, we only knew that we were going to Kintail, the checkpoints for the route are only disclosed at the start line. After the check point we took on an early steep ascent and even quicker descent. Alex slipped and slid a hundred metres or so down a grassy gully. Thankfully he was mostly unscathed and we continued on our way.

With weighty packs, with compulsory tent and stove, we navigated to the checkpoints, mainly lochans, knolls, stream junctions and, the hardest to find, a spur. Despite a great deal of climbing, often very steep, the course avoided summits. As we ran down the path to the mid camp we spotted the 500 or so tents pitched in the glen like a mini Glastonbury. We washed our legs in the river, found the other CAACers, ate as much cous cous as we could handle and slept.
Alarm Clock
I could easily have slept until the afternoon but the bagpipe player had other ideas and woke us all up at 5am. We packed up the tent breakfasted on flapjacks and picked up the route for day two. Setting off at a reluctant jog we passed the slit trench and the stench of poo spurred us on away up the glen. The weather was glorious and with fantastic views we leapfrogged a South African and San Franciscan pair. We'd overtake them at a run on level ground and they would creep up on us on the hills. With our packs digging into our shoulders and blistered feet we arrived back at Morvich for chili, tea, cake and sunshine!

Meanwhile, Magda went with some friends and climbed Ben Cruachan. I'm a tad envious as Russ and I had to miss this one out due to encroaching darkness (see here). But it will make a good day out on my own at some point!

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