How to Play Quadrado


We had our spanish friends Dafne and Josep round for dinner, beers, and a game of cards. Dafne taught us a game called Quadrado. It is a game for 4 people and you play in pairs with each pair sitting opposite one another. Before the game begins, each pair must think of a secret signal (for example scratching your nose or touching your elbow).

Four cards are dealt out to each player and four cards are placed face up on the table. All players may then throw a card down on to the table and pick up another. Players do not need to take turns, its basically just a free for all. The aim is to get all four cards the same (i.e. four kings, or four eights, etc. ). If noone is exchanging the cards on the table anymore then they are placed in a discard pile. Another four cards are then drawn from the pack. Play then continues in the same way.

When a player has four cards the same he must give the secret signal to his partner. His partner can then slap his hand on the table, shout "Quadrado!", and score one point.

If your partner is giving the secret signal and you also have four cards the same you can slap your hand on the table, shout "Doble quadrado!" and score two points.

If you think you have guessed the opposing pair's secret signal you can slap your hand down and shout "Corto Quadrado!" If you guess right you score a bonus point and the other pair must go into another room and think up a new signal. If you are wrong, then play continues.

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  1. The contro quadro part makes no sense. If one of the persons in the opposing pair has a quadro, he or she has already given the secret signal, whereby the person's partner shouts "quadro"!
    So, where would the opportunity arise to achieve a contro quadro?

  2. Perhaps I didn't explain that too well! Basically, when your partner is giving the signal you may not notice as you are focusing on getting four of a kind yourself. It is at this point that one of the opposing team may shout "Corto quadrado" -literally 'cut the square'.


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