I'll be sleeping in a lightweight two man tent. Paul Passey gave it to me instead of paying me some money he owed for a hire car we shared. When it wears out I will repair it or buy a new one. In turn, I'll be sleeping in a sleeping bag and on a cheap roll mat. I will take a lightweight tarp too as an alternative. And I may be tempted to buy a hammock once things get tropical.

I will be wearing clothes (mostly). I've an orange Marmott gortex jacket I'm happy with and I'll probably wear a bit of lycra too.

I will be cooking on a Trangia stove (an alcohol burning camp stove that I happen to like) and hope that it'll still works ok at altitude and in cold conditions. Where possible I will cook on a small open fire.

When I'm away from internet cafes I will write a diary in a notebook, but when they are available I will update this blog. I will be carrying an audio recorder and a digital camera and, I expect, struggling to charge them up.

I will find my way, not by GPS, but by map and compass. Stanfords are kindly sponsoring me with a range of maps.

I will be moving that lot, and myself, about on a Roberts Roughstuff bicycle fitted with racks and panniers.

Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative
Kindly provided me with a pair of Altura waterproof trousers and a pair of their own brand Revolution rear panniers.

Kindy gave me a pair of front panniers and a dry bag.

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