Rhythm Cycle Expedition


I love, amongst other things, cycling, mountains, travel and music.

I'm going to pedal my bike from Tierra del Fuego to the Caribbean. It's a cycling adventure to discover the sounds of Latin America, the continent where Tango, Bosa Nova, Samba, Salsa, Calypso, Cha Cha Cha, Merengue, Bachata, Reggae and Rumba were born.

I will cover thousands of miles and face the challenges of mountains, deserts and rainforests.

Along the way I will make audio recordings of musicians, singers, birdsong, crashing waves, poets, bands, insects, conversations, waterfalls, DJs, buskers, bustling market places, soundscapes, passing freight trains, storytellers and anything else that catches my ear.

I will carry everything I need on my bike. It will be a low budget trip. I will sleep in a tent and cook on my camp stove or on open fires.

I will be seeking out fiestas, festivals, concerts and carnivals, as well as looking for hidden talents and local heroes, listening to the best traditional folk music and seeking contemporary urban sounds. I hope to have the opportunity to talk about my trip in local schools, sports clubs and music groups, both on my trip and back home, to encourage people to cycle and to celebrate the music they love. On my return I will write a book about my travels and produce an accompanying CD with a mixture of the sounds and music I have captured.
For a challenge, an adventure and for excitement.
To learn to speak Spanish.
To come back with a few tales to tell.
To experience Latin American culture, music and dance, food and wine, history and politics.
To meet interesting new people and to find out something about the world and about myself.
To travel through deserts, mountains, coastlines and rain forests.
Above all I want to find out what will happen if I just get on my bike and head off.
There are two things which I hope to encourage and celebrate through my trip.
We live in a time where practicing a musical instrument has to compete with computer games and telly. Maybe electronic music and DJing will keep musical creativity alive and fresh. The internet age has brought the music industry to the cusp of revolution. I believe the need for music is still as strong as the need for food. On this journey I will give my nose a rest and follow my ears.
It is easy to take for granted how efficient we humans are. Given a glass of water and a sandwich most of us could walk for hundreds of miles. A man on wheels is perhaps the most efficient form of land transport there is. Bicycles have a minimal effect on the environment and they are cheap to maintain. Cycling puts you in touch with your surroundings and closer to the people around you.

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  1. Pete, you seem to have no comments so here is one to get you started.

    Good effort in getting this off the ground....I think this is a fantastic thing you are doing and I hope you have a lot of fun and am looking forward to your best 10 pictures and top story when we next meet up Christmas 2010.

    I've got a spare hammock that I could post to a destination in South America if you like?

    If you find you need something or I can be of help just let me know.

    Ride safe and keep in touch.

    love Ben

  2. Pete

    I love your imagination, your peace with nature and your determination.

    I look forward to spending some more time in the mountains with you on your return - im sure you will fill a lot of our time with stories of your travels..

    All the best on your journey my friend.


  3. Pete,
    Your mum came up to Medina Cottage for a cup of tea and a chat yetserday, she gave us your Blog details.
    Well Done You! What an adventure,hope you have heaps of fun catching the rhythm and not too many blisters along the way.

    I am sending your details to a friend of mine in Cheltenham, Jane Tooley. She is taking a sabbatical off work for three months, to travel South America. She leaves for Buenos Aires on 5th December. Not sure that your paths would cross, but who knows!
    All the best Selina, Nigel and Lizzie Foster.

  4. Hello Pete - if music be the food of love, ride on.

    You're an inspiration to making it happen and living your dreams.

    I hope you get to sample more than just sandwiches and water along the way.

    Travel safe, with out love
    Shavaun, Andrew and Lachlan

  5. Well done Pete, glad you're on your way
    HTA all think you're bonkers! (I don't)
    Good luck

  6. Pete,
    never say no to anything, enjoy every minute!Keep safe little bro,
    Naomi, Charlie and Alfie (who went on his first ever bike ride the other day! )

  7. Pete, We seem to have as much snow as you from some of those photos! We will all miss you over the Christmas period. Jamie wants to know how many miles you do in a day and Charlie wants to know what you did for your birthday. We all are very proud of your adventurous spirit Good luck Alex, Darren, Lucy, Charlie and Jamie xx

  8. Hey Pete

    I love your joy for life, your enthusiasm for learning and experiencing new things and your reasons for doing this trip! Have a wonderful time and I look forward to reading and hearing all about it, both online and when you get back.

    Ride safely and savour every moment of it!

    Sam (Penny's friend!)

  9. hey pete!
    can you give some impressions on the roberts bike?
    im about to order one and want to know how well they perform.

  10. Arik. Very good bikes. In my opinion well worth the expense. The big advantage for me is that there is very minimal maintainance required and it will cope with any road conditions well. The roughstuff is a very strong and stable tourer. A workhorse. Brooks saddle is very comfy.

  11. Hi pete,
    i read your text on facebook. you make a god job on your ride through argentina. i stay also in salta and juijuy. I had to go before the paso lipan and paso jama. we rode from san pedro de atacama to salta.
    with best reagards, holli.

    p.s. we met us in villa o´higgins

  12. hi pete, greetings from germany.
    i wish you all the best on your ride through south america. im also stay in salta and juijuy.
    but I had to go before the paso lipan and paso jama. we rode from san pedro de atacama to salta.
    with best reagards, holli.

    p.s. we met us in villa o´higgins


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