Something for Nothing


Inflatable pillow from old wine box. Just wrap a fleece round it and its perfect!
In the second world war people were proud of their "mend and make do" attitude. It is an eco(nom)(log)ical philosophy we seem to have lost in these heady consumer driven days. So if you want to save money and the planet here are some tips!

1. At home you can use old coffee jars are good for storing teabags, cous cous, nuts, sugar, nails, screws and all sorts of other things.
2. Old ice cream tubs and plastic Chinese take away tubs make good Tupperware replacements.
3. Hot chocolate plastic containers and plastic soup containers are light and strong for storing pasta, cous cous, rice, or oats when hiking or cycling.
4. 2 litre coke bottles useful for taking large amounts of water.
5. Aluminium foil, or old pie tins, as stove windshield.
6. 330ml Lucazade bottle is an excellent sized water bottle for hiking and hill running.
7. Plastic inner bladder from a box of wine can be used as an inflatable backpacking pillow, just blow into the tap.
8. Strong bin liners as extra layer on the hill, as a collapsible bucket for washing clothes, as a water carrier, for keeping your clothes and sleeping bag dry.
9. Marigolds as lightweight waterproof gloves.
10. Bubble wrap as lightweight sleeping mat.
11. Old inner tubes can be cut into strips to use as elastic bands, hair bands, repairing tent peg loops, to hold brakes on etc.
12. Old clothes and sheets can be sown into useful things like stuff sacks.

I intend to add to this list as I think of more things to make the comprehensive cheapskate's guide to reuse of "rubbish" and save money buying expensive stuff you don't need. If you have any ideas or suggestions please comment away!!

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