Here is a list of favourite websites and books that have proved useful and inspiring when planning my trip.

Websites ~ A good selection of links to tours in South America. ~ A great website full of interesting details like the 'Off the map' and 'Recipes' sections. ~ Gary and Dave write a very readable journal and their Baywatch-style video is excellent. ~ A slick BBC site for the record-breaking cycle tourist Mark Beaumont. ~ Another good website. I like the records of the books they've read, and the "tip of the month" and recommended links and country info. ~ A smashing cycling author (her first book 'Wind in my Wheels' is fantastic) and now a mum! Read how she manages to cart her toddler, Molly, about on her Roughstuff. . . ~ An encouraging and motivational blog. Al cycled around the world for 4 years and wrote 3 great books about his experiences. He is writing another book about a hike across India and planning some pretty full on expeditions (Antarctica. Enough said). ~ Tim and Cindie Travis are on an aparently never ending round the world tour. Their site contains vast amounts of useful infomation. ~ Randy and Nancy cycled from Canada to Chile. They have a very readable and inspirational website. ~ Tom Kevill-Davies has a mission to his cycle tours: eat. He seeks out local recipes and will happily eat everything from bulls testicles to barbecued guinea pig. - Darren Alff is a prolific cycle tourist and blogger. There is some good information, ideas and debates on his site. The site has a professionalism its name suggests and he often takes an original slant on things. The audio interviews are particularly good. Terrific website with many quirky details. ~ A well written technical guide to organising bike expeditions. ~ After cycling back from Japan, and writing an wonderful journal with sensational photographs along the way, Peter Gostelow is now on his way across Africa (his new website is The old website has a comprehensive links page. ~ They've got the right idea. ~ Beautiful Scandinavians riding bicycles. ~ A database of journals, forums, and articles - great content, great photos, very basic style (so works well on computers worldwide). I try to look at journals for specific locales and pick ones with the appropriate number of days to your tour (i.e. I looked for tours longer that 6 months or 180days). ~ An excellent overview and encouragement. Prices on bikes getting a bit out of date. ~ A friendly forum, use the Touring and Expedition section. - Helpful travel forum, use the On Yer Bike section.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Richard and Nicholas Crane ~ Eccentric cousins race to the pole of inaccessibility. Across the Himalayas on racing bikes.
Full Tilt by Delvra Murphy ~ In the early sixties, Irish lady Delvra and her bike Roz set off to India via, Persia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and meet colourful characters on the way.
Wind in my Wheels by Josie Dew ~ Cycling tales written with fun and enthusiasm.
Moods of Future Joy and Thunder and Sunshine by Alastair Humphreys ~ Al's 4 year round the world bike trip makes for a good read.
The Hungry Cyclist by Tom Kevill-Davies ~ A witty and two and a half year ride from NY to Rio seeking out local recipes. His book is funny, self deprecating and highly enjoyable.
Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook by Stephen Lord ~ Packed full of useful information.
Latin America by Bike by Walter Sienko ~ A good reference book, but probably a bit out of date. - The Adventure Travel magazine is terrific. They have also been kind enough to publish a few articles I have written.


Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative ~ Sponsored me with a pair of rear panniers and some waterproof over trousers.
Crosso ~ Sponsored me with front panniers and a dry bag.
Stanfords ~ Sponsored me with maps.

Miscellaneous Googlables (or wikipediables)
Roberts Cycles ~ made my bike
Trangia ~ made my stove
Marmott ~made my jacket
Coffee Break Spanish podcasts and Showtime Spanish podcasts
Michael Thomas

People I have met along the way

Dave Liddel USA

Cristian Bomio Switzerland

Raphael and Bettina Switzerland

Pieter Belgium

Holli Germany

Lot and Koen Belgium

Monika and Thorsten Germany

Julie and Arnaud France

Dot Germany

Sarah German? (can't remember I was pissed)

Seth and Kirsten

Some awesome Ecuadorian guys

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  1. It's going to take me a while to look through all them.

    I'm a bit wary of finding new sites. Somewhere along the line it always seems to result in me buying something

  2. hee hee! You should never regret buying books or music! Everything else be thrifty.


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