Sleep in your car


If you've just driven somewhere, your tired, its pissing down with rain, and all you can think about is sleeping, then one option is just to recline the seat and nod off.

Which cars are best?
If you have some kind of van, people carrier or estate where the seats can be removed to give enough room to roll out a sleeping bag, then happy days! Otherwise it will be an uncomfortable night and you'd be far better off, if you've got it, going out and putting the tent up.

Isn't it illegal?
Parking overnight underneath a "No Overnight Parking" sign might not be the best idea. But it could provide an interesting dilema for the boys in blue. You're too tired to drive so you decided to have a nap. What are they going to do? Force you to drive in an unfit state?

Any tips?
Leave the window open a bit for ventilation and try to get as far as possible away from a main road. Lorries can come through early. If you are tired of paying rent you could even live in your car (or van) more long term! Most motorway services have free showers.

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  1. I've been told that it is illegal to just 'pitch' a motorhome up beside the road (Don't know how true that is) so I would imagine there's various regulartions regarding sleeping in a car.

    I can't imagine anyone objecting though provided you're sensible regarding where you stop.

    Cars seem to get very cold very quickly as soon as you turn off the engine so a tent is probably a much more comfortable option!


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