Theres no such thing as bad weather. . .


... just the wrong clothes.
The only patch of blue sky all day

Six other attempts are just photos of cloud

The forecast said it was going to be a wet, windy and cloudy day. Looking out the window confirmed it. Nevertheless I got out of bed and drove to Crainlarich, got into my waterproofs and slogged up Beinn Chabhair. With a bit of trickyish navigation I dropped down to a bealach and then up to Beinn a Chroin and An Caisteal and back to the car along the twisted hill. It was a windy, wet and cold day but I was dressed for it and, perked up by a flask of coffee and some mars bars, I enjoyed being out amongst it.

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  1. I really dislike that saying.

    There is most definately such a thing as bad weather.

  2. Fair point, but it shouldn't keep you in your bed, or put you off getting out and about. I spent Friday sorting out some bank stuff and getting a cycle reservation for a train journey and it was a miserable day.

    Even on the grimest day, if you choose an appropriate route, you can enjoy it. There are too many excuses life throws up to wimp out. In Scotland if you waited for perfect weather you'd never do anything!


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