Ben Challum


With a few hill races coming up soon, I thought I'd better get a bit of training in the hills. So, on Saturday I went out for an hour in the Pentlands and, on Sunday, I drove up to Kirkton Farm and ran up Ben Challum. A good amount of the ascent is runnable and the views from the summit, south to Ben More and east to Ben Lui, were excellent. Navigation was straightforward as you just follow a set of fence posts (and the procession of walkers).

Passing walkers seems to affect the hill runner in a number of odd ways. Firstly, in a valiant attempt to prove that I'm not an idiot, I feel the need to grin like an idiot. Next, I show off by speeding up as I overtake. Its odd behaviour I think, boasting to strangers. Even though it was a rainless day, it was fairly windy and most of the walkers were wrapped up warm with hats, gloves and jackets. It must seem slightly unhinged that I was trotting past, perfectly contentedly, in shorts. One couple, sat drinking coffee, gave me some jelly babies and said, "Well done!"

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