Sleep in an airport


The largest en-suite bedroom you'll ever stay in (complete with coffee shop)

At one stage or another most of us end up sleeping in the airport to catch an early flight or after a delay. These huge buildings, present in most big cities and kept at a pleasant temperature, never close and can be used as a cheeky free place to kip. Its not going to be like staying in the Savoy but this series isn't called COMFY SLEEP. A little preparation will pay dividends. You'll need things like a sleeping bag, roll mat, food and drink (so you don't have to resort to airport prices), and maybe some bedtime reading.

Don't bother trying to sleep in the chairs, unless you are adept at sleeping sitting upright. Find a bit of carpeted floor somewhere out of the way and hit the sack.

Won't the cleaners nick my stuff?

Just don't take too much stuff. Use your bag as a pillow so you'd be woken up if someone tries to nick it. Keep all your valuables inside the sleeping bag with you. If you've got loads of stuff you could try putting it under a seat near a wall and sleeping in front of it. If you are made of money you could use the baggage storage. . .

Is it legal? Will an airport official wake me up and tell me to push off? Is it dangerous?
Yeah, well, you might be unlucky but there again you might not. The comprehensive source on this subject is

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  1. I've tried this a couple of times, including a really presistent overnight attempt in a baggage reclaim hall which i beleive was at Stansted. I have to say I was pretty ticked off at being asked to move on every hour or so. However, i would just walk to the other side of the hall and fall asleep again. They eventually seemed incredibly surprised and pissed off when I was escorted out around 4am. One big thing in your favour: the only people walking past you have just flown on a plane and expect high security, which is a great combined filter against theft and mugging.

    Thanks for the expert link, I never imagined...!


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