Goodbye Scotland


My right ankle is now double the size of my left one. I was out last night with Charlie (the boss) and Tim (my replacement) and, I hasten to add that I had had a beer or two, I attempted to hurdle a wall.

Today is my last day at work and my last day in Edinburgh and my last day in Scotland. I love living here in Edinburgh, the most beautiful city I have seen, and will miss it. Scotland is a fantastic country and I have loved every minute I have spent exploring the wonderful mountains, glens, lochs and islands. Most of all, I will miss the great people I have met here and, in turn, I will especially miss the people I have climbed with, kayaked with, been cycling with, been hill walking with, run hill races with and enjoyed a beer afterwards with. Thank you all for making me feel welcome and I will be back before you know it!!

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  1. oh wow what an awsome picture. i remember edinburgh summer 2000. i went there with my mom and went to the castle did some shopping then it started to rain and we huddled to the closest pub. you remember my mom huh peter, she was an amazing woman...
    that is the first place in the uk i wanted to go to college, but then i saw switzerland for its beauty. but being american and having my family here its hard to escape like it was. now i have shakera my dog.
    love ya,


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