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When left to my own devices I'm not the most tidy of people. One solution is just to have less stuff. If you have very few possessions, and very little storage space, then there is a limit to how much mess you can create. This is one of the reasons I am heading off cycling with all my worldly goods in 4 small paniers. . .

I thought it might be worth writing a post (like tidying my room) that can help you find what you might like to read, something that acts a bit like a contents page.

Rythm Cycle Expedition
For most of 2010 I will be cycling alone and unsupported in South America.

Overveiw ~ What's it all about?
Route ~ Where ya going?
Equipment ~ What's in them bags?
Charity ~ Why I am raising money for the Mothers' Union

Ushuaia to Rio Grande
Rio Grande to Punta Arenas
Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales
Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine to El Calafate
El Calafate to El Chalten

El Chalten to Caleta Tortel

Caleta Tortel to Cochrane
Cochrane to Chile Chico
Chile Chico to Coyhaique

Algarrobo to La Serena

Countries and Places
Buenos Aires

November 2009
December 2009

Cheap Sleep
I am always interested in ways to save costs. That's right I'm a cheapskate. Another interest of mine is sleeping. I've written a series of posts about ways to sleep for free or very little. Check 'em out.

Bothy ~ Scottish shelters that welcome weary walkers.
Tent ~ The ultimate tool for sleeping free.
Car ~ For those too lazy to put their tent up.
Bivvy ~ Soggy misery keeps you lightweight.
Couch ~ Make friends with the internet.
Airport ~ The largest en-suite bedroom you'll ever stay in (complete with coffee shop)
Van ~ Dirtbagger Russ tells us how its done.
Warm Showers ~ Webmaster Randy talks about the website that joins bikers with beds.
Snow Hole ~ Alan Kimber, expert mountain guide, explains this windproof winter shelter.

I've got more in mind to write including hammock, beach and some thoughts on open canoeing.

In a similar vein, I will keep updating my Something for Nothing post with tips for reusing, repairing and recycling, geared towards us outdoorsy types.

I'm getting into this big time, if you want to know about something you've got to ask! Expect more to arrive soon. If there is someone you'd like me to interview for this blog, let me know. . .
Richie Cunningham ~ Ultra runner.
Russ Haines ~ Dirtbagger.
Randy Fay ~ Hobobiker and webmaster of
Alan Kimber ~ Expert mountian guide explains snow holes.
Patrick Winterton ~ Sea kayaker.
William Sichel ~ Ultra runner.

I've collected some ideas for weekend cycle trips in these posts
Cycling weekends in Scotland
More Cycling weekends in Scotland
Even More Cycle Trips!

Running took over as my main sporting interest after I scaled back on rock climbing (a scarey old business). I really enjoy running for Corstorphine (CAAC I'm especially keen on hill running.
I wrote a list of Scotland's Grueling Mountain Races, which is worth a look if you are thinking about these things. There are several other posts about various hill races, the LAMM, Highland Cross, and a couple of relay hill races Comrie and the Hodgo.
For hill running in Scotland take a look at these websites. ~ The Scottish Hill Runners website has a good calendar, results and race reports. ~ Does most of what the above site does but also has a cool database thingy for all the results and has maps of each race.
Check out all my results.
I interviewed Richie Cunningham who runs the WHW each year along with several other Ultras and 24hr races.

Walking, Munro Bagging and Mountaineering
Although I've not written any particularly 'informative' posts about these activities I'm a big fan. I'm especially keen on wandering off with a tent for 3 or 4 days and staying in Bothies where they are available.

Card Games
Since about the 9th century people have enjoyed passing time with a game of cards. I especially love learning new games.
I'd also love to be better than a begginer at chess but I'm still hopeless.

I always like to have a good bit of reading matter on the go. These writers are worth a look. . .
Tom Kevil-Davies ~ The Hungry Cyclist. Tom completed a long tour of the Americas looking for the best local recipes. (My post)
Alastair Humpreys ~ Round the world cyclist and adventurer. (My post)
Ronald Turnbull ~ Scottish hill walker, bivvy enthusiast and wit. (My post)
Andy Kirkpatrick ~ Hardcore and hillarious mountaineer and rock climber. (My post)

There are always a few odds and sods that don't fit into any other category. There are also a few passions of mine that I have not blogged about, such as learning Spanish, music (going to feature heavily in Rhythm Cycle I hope) and cooking. The best thing to do is check out the category list at the bottom of each page.

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  1. Hey, Good luck with all of this.. I hope I played a tiny part in your journey with the lift I gave you from Petersfield station. I'll look out for udateson your progress as you go.

    If you get homesick you can keep up with UK cycling on oour blog..

    Much respect
    Al (your Mum's nieghbour!)

  2. good luck Pete!!! x x x x mouse & the little falcon!

  3. just loving the blog so far Pete.......... keep em coming....... the little falcon turned out to be a faconette......... we had a great gawp last week but are eagerly preparing for her arrival, will keep you informed
    love and hugs mouse and co x x x x

  4. Hi,

    I was just looking at the stanfords site and saw your link. As it happens I've only just finished the same route. Seeing those pictures on your site is bringing it all back! Especially that day from san Sebastian to Porvenir.
    I can assure you it gets easier from there on!!
    If you wanted any advice just drop me an email:


  5. Hi Clumsy Pete,

    Glad to hear that there are no broken bones. After spending some time with you on the bike there was a reason I named you "Clumsy Pete". Enjoy the journey mate.

    Bullshit B


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