Ben's cycle manual


My brother sent me a poem he has written and its too good to hoard just for myself. Apparently, the UK police have just canned publishing a 93 page cycle manual for police officers . He thought he could do better and with less words.

Ben’s Cycling Manual by Ben aged 37

(Brackets not to be read)

Verse 1 how to ride

Push pedals,

Steer true,


Or, let anything hit you.

Verse 2 - equipment

And wear a helmet,

Bright colours and lights,

And avoid bus drivers who,

Like getting in fights. (look out for glazed and blood shot eyes)

Verse 3 - survival

Don’t argue with gutters, (here speaks the voice of experience)

Or run, lights that are red.

Because these are both sure ways,

Of ending up dead.

Also, thought it might be a good idea to get "Ben´s favourite cycling joke" aired as well. Why couldn't the bicycle stand up ? It was two tired. Cheers bro.

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