Rose Tinted Torres Del Paine


After eating like Lords, and drinking like fish, a group in the Refugio Chileno looked at an attractive guide book photograph of the Torres del Paine bathed in a pinkish light at sunrise. But how early must they wake to see this spectacle? Someone knowledgable of the sun was consulted, calculations were undertaken and at last a time was held aloft.

"Four thirty!!!" they all cheered.

When the alarm clock beeped its merry tune, your faithful correspondant leapt from his bed, laced his boots and, with a spring in his step, skipped and hopped his way up the hill. Surrounded by a bevy of bronze skinned beauties, clad merely in bikinis and hiking boots, the intrepid young chap vaulted fences with the early sunshine shinning down on his face. Soon, there they were, the sight that defies description....

Oh, alright then. That didn´t happen. If you must know, it was too cloudy to see the torres when I poked my head out of the tent flap. I directed a clenched fist at the noisy aforementioned time peice (which didn´t improve my hangover) and rolled over and slept. When I did hike up to the torres, which are certainly towering, it was too late for the red glow effect. Perhaps I can add that later with photoshop?

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