21 of the World´s Most Famous Walks


I´ve just finished a week trekking around Torres del Paine national Park in Chile. I had a fantastic time and its great to translate those photographs I had seen into actual memories. (This process is a bit like when I saw Chuck Berry play at Portsmouth Guildhall when I was 10 years old. It was my first gig and I went with my Dad. I was so excited because I had worn out my Chuck Berry tape by playing it a thousand times and was obsessed with him. Nothing compares to seeing the man in the flesh playing "Johnny B Goode".)

Anyway, I´ve been thinking about other treks for future holidays/expeditions. Here is my international wish list. Is one life long enough?

1. Torres del Paine circuit (Chile) (Pete has done it!!)
2. Los Glaciares (Argentina, options to veiw Cerro Torre and Mt Fitzroy)
3. Cordillera Real (Bolivia, 7 day circuit)
4. Bruce Trail (Canada)
5. Inca Trail (Peru)
6. Pacific Coast Trail (USA)
7. Continental Divide Trail (USA)
8. Appalachian Trail (USA)
9. Kerry Way (Ireland)
10. South West Coast Path (England)
11. West Highland Way (Scotland) (Pete has done it!!)
12. GR5 (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxombourg, France)
13. Snowman Trek (Bhutan,21 day hike in Himalayas)
14. Israel National Trail (er...Israel. 1000kms)
15. Everest Base Camp (Nepal, 18 days)
16. Annapurna Circuit (Nepal, 3 week loop)
17. Great Baikal Trail (Russia)
18. Nordkalottleden Trail (Finland, Sweden and Norway)
19. Grand Italian Trail (Italy, 6000kms)
20. Heysen Trail (Australia)
21. Milford Track (New Zealand)

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  1. 2010: Ireland is ready to welcome you!


    You can take this as a sign! ;-)


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