Coyhaique to Puyuhuapi



Off to work with a chainsaw and some bulls.

From one barely pronoucably named town to the next, eh? Having said goodbyes to the Christmas crowd, I headed out into the rain and, climbing uphill out of Coyhaique, Brett wizzed by in a pickup truck he'd hitched a ride with. I pushed on. Endless rain and cloud obscured the mountian views but fortunately the waterfalls, which are incredible, were full to bursting with vast quantities of the wet stuff. It almost made me want to strip off and film a rudimentry Timotei shampoo advert.

I failed to reach Manihuales because the lights went off and I camped by the side of the road. In the morning, as I was packing my tent up a couple from Switzerland cycled by and had a chat. They've been on the road for 2 and a half years crossing europe and asia to reach Japan and then flew to Mexico and cycled down here. Epic. In Manihuales I had some coffee and cake and in a few hours time caught up with Moni and Thorsten. We got wet together as the weather continued to throw water down on us. Eventually we stayed in a lovely Hospedaje in Villa Armengual. But first we watched a man off to work with a chainsaw over his shoulder and two giant bulls harnessed together.

In the morning it was still raining and I decided to put in a big day and reach Puyuhuapi. The first obstacle was a mountain pass on a narrow and steep gravel road. Through what looked like forests of giant rhubarb, I hairpinned my way upward and then, in a crazily dangerous way, spiralled my way down. I reached Puyuhuapi and set up in a lovely campsite with canopies for the rain and a wood burning stove to cook on (if you have infinite patience) or dry your socks.

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