Tips for getting started on your Big Ambition


I have been asked on a few ocassions how I managed to be able to take a year off to go cycling. I think the general priciples are probably the same for whatever big ambition you have. Here are a few things that I think we're helpful.

Save money. Open a savings account (a tax free ISA is a good place to start). Most things in life require a little money to grease the wheels. Set up a standing order for at least 10% of your salary each month.

Write down your idea and decide what steps you can take today to make it happen.

Read. Books, websites, forums are a good place to start researching your plans. Then try something small (like a short cycle tour) to see if you like it...

Don't tell anyone. Let the idea build up inside you and grow to the extent that you have to do it. I told people I was getting into cycle touring but I waited several years before telling everyone the South America plan. Almost till I'd bought the ticket and quit my job.

Accept that you will need to make sacrifices but don't make comprimises on your dreams.

Don't rely on luck. Don't listen to the naysayers.

Don't wait till everything is absolutely perfect. It never will be. Just go!! Get on with it.

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