Ok, I've not posted many of my recordings for a while so I thought I would upload a bumper issue. Firstly a snippet from a long, rambling and highly amusing interview I made with the very wonderful Seth and Kirsten. I first contacted them through Warmshowers looking for somewhere to stay in Santiago. They have a blog at The whole interview is both too long to put on here and also in several parts as I ran out of batteries halfway through. Another problem is that instead of choosing a set of questions to ask them I tried to "freestyle" and frankly the results were somewhat mixed. If you don't know what a Bob trailer is look here. Here is the recording: Seth and Kirsten talking about trailers and long hair

Next up. Here is a nice little charango piece from Nicolas de Penna who I met in Chaiten. The recording was made in the back of his mini-bus. The song is called Dos Palomas (two doves).

Next more interviews with fellow cyclists.
Michael from Switzerland Michael, Brett, Monika, Thorsten and I all shared a great Christmas together in Coyhaique. This interview with "Iron Mike" was made beside a fire in the campsite beside Lago O'Higgins. He mentions the song Love is Shield (slightly dubious euro pop...)

Brett from South Africa Sorry, it was a bit windy and I forgot to use the windshield... Made in the campsite in Cochrane. Brett is a lively character with lots of stories up his sleeve.

Monika and Thorsten from Germany Thorsten and Moni are a very friendly and generous couple who played leap-frog with me for a while. We camped in El Blanco at the confluence of two rivers, 30km before Coyhaique. Thorsten is a journalist who writes for cycling magazines about his tours. He takes fantastic photgraphs.

Graham from Cumbria in the UK Graham is riding a Dawes Audax, a fast tourer, with very minimal equipment tucked into 2 panniers. He's cycled from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska. We met on new year's eve and shared a few drinks in a bus shelter not far from La Junta.

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