Volcán Villarrica


Caught Red Handed

Knowing that I would spend the day today climbing a volcano, and that I had to be at the minibus for 6.30am, I got an early night. Trouble was the neighbours didn't. Got about 4 hours sleep before the alarm clock beeped.

So, a little bleary-eyed, I bundled into the minibus with the other punters (mostly Israelis). Then the choice: walk up to the top of the ski lifts or pay 5000 to go up the lift. It was a fine walk.

The climb up was generally a snowplod in perfect conditions. Neither crampons or ice-axe were really necessary and the guide didn't really add much either. At the top we messed around taking silly photos, ate some food, looked as deep as we dared into the crater, and enjoyed the stunning views, especially of the other nearby volcanos Lanín and Llaima. Then we slid back down on our bums.

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