Cazuela Recipe


Cazuela3rd February: Almuerzo (Cazuela)my cazuela
Cazuela is, as far as I can make out, a cross between a soup and a roast dinner. In fact, it's a bit like a roast dinner tipped into a soup. Its a simple dish you can find throughout Chile. I like it.

Calzuela has a piece of meat (usually chicken or beef on the bone), then there is a potato, a sweet potato, some other vegetables and a piece of sweetcorn. I'm not sure how you are tradditionally supposed to eat it. I usually use a spoon to drink the soup and then attack the rest with a knife and fork. I'd hazard a guess at the recipe being a bit like this:

1. Put all the ingredients (beef, potato, sweetcorn, veg, etc) in a pot with the stock.
2. Cook.
3. Pour into a bowl.
4. Eat.

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