Desde Cobquecura hasta Algarrobo: Carpe Diem!


camping in the trees
I press on keeping the sea on my left (the only method of navigation that hasn't let me down). Passing through many seaside resort towns and a few incredible national reserves. Now only a handful of kilometers from Valapariaso where I intend to brown off a little...

A few days ago, I woke up and didn't have the usual bleary-eyed feeling. I leapt out of bed, packed up my tent, downed a coffee and gobbled a cheese sandwich a bit too quick. It was a day for cycling and I got on the road. Cranking uphill, out of the forest, I needed a low gear. Nearing the crest, in blue skies, I was sweating, panting, and enjoying myself. I'd only been awake 30 minutes. I spotted a small shop and drank a bottle of something bright red and fizzy. The road sloped downhill into the distance.

Today was a day for music. Not mellow chillout. Today I needed go-faster-music: Brazilian Drum and Bass! I set of and shifted up to 14, my top gear, and stiffly pushed the pedals round. As I gained momentum, my legs were wizzing round like crazy. Today was not a day for freewheeling with your hands on the brakes. Today was about careering round corners leaning at an alarming angle. Farmland and dotted low shrubs and trees blurred past but I kept my eyes focused on the road. Today was a race. I saw a sign and it informed me, or rather, it challenged me: San Antonio 86km. I did a quick mental sum and realised, yes, it was a race, against the sun. I was in the mood to give it everything. I'd be exhaused by the time I arrived in the town, at sunset, but it would be worth it. I dug in.

There was a slight incline approaching and instead of shifting down I sped right at it in top gear. I kept going until my thighs started to burn and then shifted down, but only to 12. Then back to 14 as soon as it flattened out. I needed higher gears that day. Instead, I turned up the music.

No Excuses

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