Leonera 5050m



I know what you are thinking:

"I havn't heard Pete Hubbard's dulcet tones in a while."

Well fear not. I have recorded my thoughts as I wandered up Leonera, a 5050m high mountain near Santiago. I headed off alone for 3 nights and had a headache caused by altitude for most of that time. I left the bike with the hostal owner and told him my plans and roughly when to expect me back. I ran out of water and had to melt some muddy snow and drink muddy water for a day and a half too. All the heights I mention in the recordings are wrong (giving a clue to the quality of my map) and I have probably pronounced most of the names wrong too. But hopefully you'll get the general idea. (Fbookers will have to visit the actual post for the recordings I am afraid.)

laguna Parva
First message from Laguna Parva (my appologies for the wind noise):

camp and leonera
Second message from summit of Cerro Pintor:

feeling like sleeping...
Third message from summit of Cerro Leonera (It is actually 5050m and I have forgotten how to say "mountains" somehow. Perhaps because I have been drinking liquid mud for the whole day?):

vega with el plomo behind
Fourth message from Camp Piedra Numerada (when I say "run" I mean "cycle"):

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  1. Sounds like a beuatiful spot in the mountains....a chill out moment before Russ arrives?? Have fun crossing the Andes and put lots of photos on when you get to the other side! I'm not sure whether I'm going to be able to visit you now... but we'll see... flying isn't allowed for a while at least... might have to join a ship!!??


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