Pedal Pusher


Pedal Pusher
by MC Abdominal (featuring Young Einstein the DJ from Ugly Duckling)

Squirt a little cross country on the chain,
Get a fresh rag wipe down the frame,
Ready to go, tie my army pants at the knees,
Already got enough pants covered in grease.
Slip on a discman, eyes so sharp,
They do the listening,
While suplying vision at the same time,
Waste no time to slide my ride in to a break in the line of traffic,
Don´t ask me why man, some reason I need a matchstick,
Inbetween my lips to help me concentrate,
Until I reach that zone where there is no need to contemplate,
Every movement,
Muscle memory compute the conclusion quicker than the thinking mind,
Strictly relying on insticts to wind,
Through this river of grime,
Exhuast pipes, potholes, pigeons,
Streetcar tracks you can slip in,
Pedestrians, pretty girls to divert your eyes at that crucial juncture
Plus the constant posibility of a puncture.

I'm a pedal pusher, push pedals like crazy, from A to B
I'm a pedal pusher, push pedals all day, from A to B
I'm a pedal pusher, I push pedals,
and I would say "Eat my dust" but it's already settled.

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