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Its been a while since I just wrote some utter guff so I thought I'd make amends. I've always been fond of sayings, phrases, idioms, expressions and proverbs. What's your favourite?

Ok the BS is about to hit the fan...

Fortune favours the bold. Similarly, the motto of the SAS and Dell-boy: "He who dares wins."
Well, yes, but he probably also gets diarrhoea, gets run over by a truck and has well slapped cheeks. I remember being told by a Scottish rock climber, "there are bold climbers and old climbers but no old and bold climbers". Perhaps it was his accent but it made no sense to me at the time. I had missheard "bold" as "bald". The man in question was, in fact, old, bald and a climber. You can appreciate my confussion.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.
Once the stone becomes stationary, on the otherhand, it does. Suprisingly quickly. To avoid this moss-gathering one should never go anywhere with shops. Some moss, I think, is to be encouraged as useful padding. The problem is deciding which, or how much, moss to jetison. At the moment I am considering dumping my rucksack in favour my newly purchased charango.

The best things in life are free.
I guess we're aiming at things such as love, friendship, inspiring conversations, babies, wild camping, blackberries, laughter, swings-and-slides in the park, buskers (hee hee) and sunsets. Lovely. However, to my mind, many of the worst things in life are exactly the same price. For example, using a public toilet without taking your own loo-paper and discovering, too late, that there is none there. Also, on my "bugger-all" menu, you can have; illness, missing loved ones, poverty, having the song "Umbrella" stuck in your head, breaking up with a girlfriend (but you have to pay for divorce!), death and of course whatever it is that "happens at sea". So, the best and worst things in life are free, and so are a good deal of other, middle-of-the-road, things. Perhaps the saying should be: "In life, there are lots of freebies." Good job too, it is my favourite price.

Also, I have found it to be a helpful exersize to try and learn some spanish expressions. Here are some I have gathered:-
Boca cerrada no entran moscas.
If your mouth is shut flies don't go in. I think this means if you don't say anything you can't "put your foot in it".
Paciencia es la madre de toda las ciencias.
Patience is the mother of all the sciences. Any ideas what this means? I'm stumped.
El que no lava platos, no rompe platos.
He that does not do the washing up does not break plates. Well, I like the litteral meaning. Perhaps it means that laziness has it's upsides and from time to time it is better to rest?
Vale más pan con amor, que gallina con dolor.
Its better to have bread with love that chicken with pain. You can be happy and poor?
Beber y comer, son cosas que hay que hacer.
Eating and drinking are things to do. Enjoy eating and drinking. Or, perhaps even, enjoy all life's necessaries.
A buen hambre no hace falta condimento.
A good hunger doesn't need condiments. If you are really hungry then things taste good, with or without salt and pepper? Maybe this is a "beggars can't be choosers" or "any port in a storm" type saying.
No hay dos sin tres.
There isn't two without three. Seriously weird. Clearly there is.

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