Dorothee Fleck Interview


Dorothee is one of a number of RTW cyclists I have met. We bumped into each other briefly in La Serena and then again in La Paz. She's nearing the end of her trip after over two years on the road.

You have nearly cycled all the way around the world. Which countries have been the best for you? Which countries that you have missed this time would you like to visit?
There are around 200 countries on this Earth, so far I covered only a fifth. Even if there are some countries I don't want to cycle in, there are still a lot missing. But first of all all the "-stan" Countries and Iran, and all the African countries (I cycled only in Madagascar). Hopefully I still can cycle when I am 90 years ald to cover all of them.

Can you recommend a book? What is it about?
No, not really. There are so many good books. Perhaps I can recommend you a very good book, after I have written mine :-), it will be about my trip around the world of course, about all the fantastic people I met.

It is a shame I missed making a recording of your flute playing but can you tell me which is your favourite piece to play and if you have a favourite piece to listen to on the road...
If I have a good piano player: Franz Schubert: Die Schoene Muellerin Variations, Cesar Franck Sonate, When I am alone, JSB Bach Solo Suites, and Philip Emanuel Bach Solo Sonata.
On the road on my bike, I don't listen to music, I prefer to listen to the birds, the water in the rivers, the leaves in the wind. What I don't like are barking dogs and whistling men.
What is the best thing for you about travelling by bike?
Everything! You should know about it, I could write a whole book about it, perhaps I will.

When and where will be your next cycle tour be?
At first I have to finish this one, but I think after two years it's time to take off again for a longer time. Hopefully I can visit then the "-stan" countries and Iran.

If you could make an international law to make the world a better place what would it be?
Actually the world is a very nice place, if there wouldn't be just a few people who are destroying it. There are a lot of laws already which are ignored.
But if I could introduce something, which makes it easier to see the world, I would introduce a World Wide Visa for cyclists.

What is the best bit of equipment you carry?
Lucky me I have some good bits of equipments, of course my solid bike, my tent which keeps me dry, my stove for my essential coffee in the morning... I hope they hold out the last months

best of luck with the rest of your trip...
Thanks same to you

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