Piura to Vilcabamba: Into Ecuador


It was hot as I pedaled out of Piura and on towards the border. I made it to a little town called Las Lomas. In the morning I crossed the border into Ecuador.
And almost at once the hills began. The first night I camped next to a river and was attacked by insects the minute I unzipped the tent to make tea. Pegs don't work very well in sand so I had to use plastic bags filled with sand. Then I had a day of uphill, I ran out of water and very thirsty I came across a gas station and chanced it and drank litres of water out of the tap (so far it hasn't made me ill).
That night I reached a small village and asked if there was anywhere I could camp. I was pointed towards the church and camped on the concrete veranda.
The next day, fuelled by boiled eggs, I reached Loja. On my way into town I bumped into a French bloke on a motorised bicycle. A strange choice of transport I would say. Anyway he showed me a cheap hotel and we got some beers and drank them in a plaza. In the morning I headed down to Vilcabamba. It is hot here so quite refreshing when there is a rain shower. Found a campsite for $1 a night with a pool and camped under a lime tree.

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