2015 Cheapskate Adventures


I've got a bit of a mission for 2015. Cheapskate Adventures

A big part of my life has been getting outside and going on adventures. In the new year I want to focus on encouraging people to give the outdoors a go.

Here's three good reasons.

Get Fit
For the price of a gym membership for a couple of months you can get a second-hand push bike and start exploring!  Why sit on a fake bike watching crap telly when you could be on a real adventure?  If you have "a few extra pounds" you should do something about it.

Go somewhere beautiful
Britain is a beautiful country full of rivers, woods, hills, mountains, lakes, craggy coastlines, sandy beaches and islands.  I live in Newcastle, a big city, and within an hour of cycling you are out into some fantastic scenery.

It doesn't have to be expensive
If you want to do something a lot then it's best if you can keep costs down.  Getting away on a weekend adventure doesn't necessarily require a lot of expensive stuff.

So the plan for 2015 is to write about a short trip each month. I will write two articles. One telling the story of a cheap trip I've been on and a more practical article giving a route description, map, information and tips on how to get out there and how to do it.

If you'd like to join me on a trip through the year or you have an idea for a Cheapskate Adventure please get in touch. I think the fun to be had in the mountains or on the water should be accessible for everyone. So I'd be especially keen to hear from you if you want to be a bit more adventurous but feel there's something that's stopping you. 

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