Doing a number two


If you need to go, you need to go.  If you are in the hills and there's no toilet around what do you do?
Well, first you need to prepare. You need a shit kit.


Bog roll - Take a roll of toilet paper and pull out the cardboard from the middle. Now the paper will pull neatly from the middle. Just like in fancy public toilets! Now pop the whole thing in a plastic sandwich bag.

Something to dig a hole - You can buy an expensive lightweight trowel made from plastic, or titanium. Ice axe will do in winter. I use a spoon. I don't eat with it. Ever.

Cigarette lighter - So, if possible you can burn your paper.

Hand sanitiser - So you don't get ill.

Dry bag - It is nice to have dry paper.

Optional: Screw top plastic jar to carry out sanitary towels/tampons if you are female. Dog poo bags to hang your faeces on a tree. 


You should be at least 50 metres from running water, lakes or paths when you defecate.  

When camping, defecate and urinate downhill from your campsite and collect water uphill. 

Fold back a small amount of turf and dig a 15 cm deep hole. Do your business, wipe your arse, burn the paper. Fill in hole and put the turf back. 

Don't bury sanitary products as animals dig them up. 

In ecologically sensitive areas, such as the Cairngorms plateaux, it is not advisable to bury your shit. You must make the effort to carry out what you brought in.

Also avoid doing it in "popular" wild camping spots, else there'll be loads of the stuff.

When digging a hole is absolutely impossible and you are in a very remote place, spread excrement thinly or arrange rocks such that air can circulate. Avoid just putting a rock on top as it slows decomposition. 

In winter, you need to dig the snow out of the way first. Burying your shit in snow doesn't work as the snow melts.

Now wash your hands.

I'm a mountain leader with considerable experience wild camping in remote mountain areas.  For a wild camping adventure, guided walk or mountain navigation course get in touch at:

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