Guided Coast to Coast Day 10


"To walkers who like high places and rough terrain, this will seem like the dullest part of the whole walk," says AW ever the salesman of his own route. "Those who believe the earth is flat will be mightily encouraged by this section."

It's a slog, fair enough, but there are reasons to be cheerful. 

Reason 1: Danby Wyske
AW disparages this twee village as, "less attractive than it's name," and a low point not just in elevation. He's being an old grump again. It's a picturesque place with a fantastic pub: The White Swan. (Incidently, surely it is only worth noting the colour if it is unusual. So either The Black Swan or The Swan. Is it just me?)

The atmosphere of the pub is like someone's cosy front room and they sell good beer and ice cream. 

Reason 2: Fake Owls
A farmer has decorated a fence with fake plastic owls, skulls and rats. As you cross the stile a sensor is activated that produces a fake "twit twoo" from a speaker. Kudos to the farmer!

Reason 3: Refreshments. 
Don't overdo the ice creams at Danby as at Moor House Farm they've left an honesty box with drinks, flapjacks, choc ices and cornettos. It's like the eighties never ended. 

Reason 4: Crossings. 
During the day you cross the River Swale and the River Wyske. You cross the East Coast mainline and the Middlesbrough branch line (without a bridge) and the A19. For crossing the dual carriageway you need Speed, Patience or Courage (choose two). Either way adrenaline will flow. 

I offer guided walks and walking holidays in Northumberland, the Pennines, the Lake District, Scotland and further afield.

I'm always keen for outdoor adventures to help people learn the skills to explore! My particular focus is mountain skills such as navigating with a map and compass and wild camping for expeditions.

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