Guided Coast to Coast Day 12


Wainwright was, I think we've established, a traditionalist. It's perhaps not surprising then that his great masterpiece of a walk is steeped in tradition. On day 12 you have the best one, Fat Betty, but don't miss:

Dipping your boot in the sea.
First thing at St Bees is to dip your boot in the sea. It should be one boot in the Irish Sea and the other in the North Sea. Be clear, the sea is a splashy salty thing with waves. Rock pools or wet sand don't count. If the tide is out, diddums, you're on a walking holiday, walk!  

Collecting a pebble. 
You must pick up a pebble in St Bees to skim into the sea at Robin Hood's Bay. A pebble is roughly the size of a scone. Anything smaller than a pea definitely doesn't count. You have to carry the pebble yourself the whole way. Not in your "baggage transfer", on your person. If you lose your pebble there are no ifs and no buts, you must return to St Bees, get another one, and start the walk again. 

Fat Betty
This is a squat white-painted memorial cross. No one knows why it's there or why the tradition for travellers to exchange treats arose. But it did and it's tradition. Give up a snack and take one in exchange. There is no equivalent value system but there ought to be. Use this as a guide...
Cereal bars = no value whatsoever. 
Free biscuits from B&B = a boiled sweet
Fresh apple = Mars bar
Crisps = crisps

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