Guided Coast to Coast Day 3


Day Three of the Coast to Coast takes you out of Borrowdale with great views of Eagle Crag. It seems imposing until, by morning tea break, you are looking down on it from the top of Lining Crag. 

Like much of the Lakes this is an area run wild with Herdwick Sheep. These hardy sheep are prized in the Lakes for their hardy nature and ability to live of foraged food. The name comes from old Norse: herd= sheep herd, wick= farm/pasture. 

These sheep have a debt of gratitude to Beatrix Potter. She spent the latter part of her life, and a lot of her wealth, championing the breed. On her death she gave 15 farms to the Natural Trust. 

Walkers need to do what we can to help out farmers. If 100,000 people walk across your land, and just one in a thousand forgets to shut a gate, that's 100 times they have to round up their sheep. 

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