Guided Coast to Coast Day 9


Wainwright waxes lyrical about Richmond. "Emerging from Whitcliffe Wood there is a thrilling view of Richmond ahead."  Speaks a man with perhaps limited thrills. 

"Richmond is a town unlike others, a place unique, rich in relics of the past, steeped in a long history that still lingers in the ramifications of it's castle and the narrow alleys and quaint buildings that huddle in the shelter of the massive Norman keep."

He's right of course, it's a nice place. Also, for Coast-to-Coasters it's unique as the only chance to buy a Gregg's for lunch or a gingerbread latte. The local Boots is doing a roaring trade in Compeed and ankle supports. 

A part of me feels that even sleepy Richmond is too much like civilisation for walkers. We've spent days and days, or miles and miles, traipsing through the countryside and we shouldn't be tempted by shiny things until it's time to go home. 

Ideally, enjoy looking at the outside of the castle. Then walk straight past. 

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