Navigation Skills in the Harthope Valley


A great day with a group from the Northumberland Mountaineering Club. A lovely cold and clear October Saturday, but weather a bit too good to challenge our map and compass skills...We looked at a number of techniques and strategies for navigating our way in the hills. In the morning we mainly looked at ground features, timings and judging distances. In the afternoon we looked more at micro-navigation, using a compass and counting paces.

Here's something you can try to hone your ability to walk on a straight bearing.  Find a large flat moorland area. Put your bag down. Walk an equilateral triangle by pacing 100m on due N, then 100m on 120 degrees, then 100m on 240. You should now be back at your bag (unless someone's nicked it). If you are bang on, try 200m.

Conrad came along too with his camera and took the photos above.

I offer guided walks and walking holidays in Northumberland, the Pennines, the Lake District, Scotland and further afield.

I'm always keen for outdoor adventures to help people learn the skills to explore! My particular focus is mountain skills such as navigating with a map and compass and wild camping for expeditions.

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