Here's a post where I put all the nice things people have said about me. Thanks everyone! If you have any feedback you'd like to leave me, please get in touch in the usual ways.

Just wanted to write a quick note after a great wild camping and navigating weekend. I learnt a lot and without doubt feel a lot more confident in the use of a compass. This was in part due to the immersive experience of learning over two days, staying out in the hill and your teaching skill and patience. It has given me a very solid foundation upon which to build. I would happily recommend you to others. Thank you very much. 
John - UK 

I would just like to say "thank you so much" for providing such a memorable and informative experience and for ensuring the trip was hassle free and enjoyable for each and every one of us. I  especially liked how you made a point of chatting with everybody individually at some point en route as a way of getting to know us on a personal level.  You do your job well, you are a born leader, and I have no doubt as to how successful you will be with your future endeavours. I was particularly impressed by your stamped self addressed postcard given to everyone at dinner in RHB.  It is a wonderful and touching gesture offered to the entire group and really topped off what was an amazing and extremely satisfying adventure for me.  
Kitty - Australia

The following stand out for me.Your knowledge and experience of the outdoors.  This gave us confidence in your abilities to get us there.  You took the time to walk along with all of us at different time and imparted this knowledge – names of the mountains (Bens?) that we were passing and it often transpired you had climbed them!  And plants such as wild sorrel growing on the rocks we were passing.Your ability to keep the group together. Although we all had a love if walking, we were a diverse bunch of people with different backgrounds and experiences but with your leadership and guidance, we got to know each other and enjoyed each others company and were  supportive of each other.  You managed this with techniques such as the ‘meet and greet’ at the start of the walk when we shared our own story;  eating together each night of the walk;  spending time with each of us during the walk and getting to know us better.Your respect of us.  This gave us the freedom to walk at our own speed whilst being mindful of the rest of the group.  When certain health issues arose you gave us the space to make a decision regarding what we should do. 
Lynette -Australia

Your company, guidance, knowledge and patience was to be admired.  As my main pursuit in Cyprus is the great outdoors, and having been being involved for 10 years in the organisation of an active vibrant walking group, I know the importance of quality walk leading.  You certainly ticked all the boxes for your relaxed style but clear accepted concern and responsibility for your followers.  Many thanks for making the trip so enjoyable.
Ian - Cyprus

We enjoyed your confident, friendly and relaxed style of guiding. We felt secure in the knowledge that you had a wealth of tracking, climbing and first hand experience.
Klara and Bram - Australia

Pete you were an astonishing leader, full of good cheer and encouragement and support. I felt really safe in your hands which is key to me. A huge thank you for giving us such a great holiday. You are a great and gifted leader - and I would be really happy to go on another of your walks.
Belinda -UK

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